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About Us

M/s. YALDA TRADING COMPANY L.L.C., was established in August 1992, with a license number of 228643. Committed to supply fresh & healthy fruits and vegetables to its customers. After 27 years of trading, YALDA has established strong relationships with broad base global suppliers which ensure that orders can be met reliably without seasonal fluctuation. YALDA has established a strong presence amongst UAE’s premium catering client base, supplying over 75 customers including re-exports, Ship Chandlers, luxury hotels, Hypermarket and top restaurant. In doing so, YALDA eliminates the cost and inconvenience of customer-based processing and provides products with appreciably greater longevity than that of its competitors. As a result, its delivers a first-of-class service to our customers.


YALDA TRADING COMPANY LLC (YALDA) is premium quality supplier of Fresh fruits, and vegetables to customers operating in the transport, Hypermarket and tourism industries within the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and nearby Gulf Countries.

YALDA TRADING COMPANY LLC has experienced management team with a strong track record in the wholesale fruit and vegetable sector and excellent local contacts.

YALDA TRADING COMPANY LLC has established strong relationships with a broad base of local and global suppliers which ensures that order can be met without seasonal fluctuation and at short notice.

YALDA TRADING COMPANY LLC is uniquely positioned to benefit from the increase in growth in demand for premium quality fresh fruits and vegetables driven by the expansion of Dubai and the local region as a leading luxury tourist destination.

YALDA TRADING COMPANY LLC has established a broad customer base, reducing reliance on individual customer and minimizing seasonal demand fluctuations

YALDA TRADING COMPANY LLC now seeks to increase the imports from Overseas.